Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can You Say Virgin Blogger??
What the heck am I doing... this blogging stuff looks like fun but I'm having a hard time finding what buttons to push, how to format, and I have to have a password for this too? I thought this would be a much better and more exciting way to journal than writing in the book. I have inquired help from the more experienced, (the children) whom have been more than anxious to get me started in this effort. So... If this is the right place to post and if I've done it right, I will add more for sure.


Nick & Amanda said...

You aren't so virgin anymore! Wahooo my mom on the web, what could be better?

KO and SJ said...

yay mama!!!!

I am so excited to actually see a post on here! Good for you, not letting technology get the best of you!

Kim Adams said...

looks like you are started in the right direction, you got a picture on your header so you are a step ahead our blog! We are excited you have a blog!

Gabe and Mallory Veenendaal said...

I soo know how you feel. I look at all the cool blogs that your kids and Kim have made and I feel VERY inadequate. I think they need to offer classes on this because I am totally lost.
If it helps, I LOVE your blog. I think it's adorable!!