Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We've been a busy bunch the last month or so. I loved listening to General Conference at the first of October. I always enjoy listening to the talks. I also took the time to put a puzzle together while listening. We haven't taken family pictures for a couple of years so we took an afternoon and went downtown to the Gallavan Plaza and took some. I will post a few for viewing. The weather was perfect and Brian and I always love being with the (you) kids. After viewing the pix, as usual, I realize (again or still) that the camera didn't magically take 20 pounds OFF of me so I have decided to pump up the excercise and eating habits to try and be in better shape for the next year. (I say that every year) Oh well, at least I'm consistant. Sarah and I have decided to do a 1/2 marathon in St. George in January so I will have to get the training started. Sarah did her fall-a-thon the middle of October while Amanda and I rode bikes behind her. My rear end was a bit sore the next day. Next time maybe I'll use one of those blow up donuts that people with tailbone injuries use on the seat for added comfort. I can hear the comments now. haha! Mitch went with Brian to Chicago for a few days to work and see the city. They said they had a great time. Mitch felt very accomplished by eating at Giardano's Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts, White Castles, his first Chicago Dog, and Gyro. He also got to visit the city and see the tall buildings. They visited an area that Brian served in on his mission and they went for very brief stops to Wisconsin and Oh Crap! Indiana (inside joke). Also in October, Mitch was nominated to run for the Movie Miner Man at Bingham High School. He needed a costume and a talent. Costume: Peter Pan, Talent: Ribbon Dancing to Janet Jackson's Black Cat. I felt he should have won but he didn't. He was the very best talent for sure. We did record parts of it so if your interested, let me know. We are trying to raise a few extra bucks for Christmas. J/K haha. We have survived another Halloween. And what fun we had. Sarah came over and with the help of her, Alisha, and Taylor (Alisha's friend) we made caramel apples and pumpkin fudge. The girls stuffed some costumes and used manequin heads for a cool porch scene. We only had about 10 different groups of trick-or-treaters so it was pretty quiet. I'm sure I've left out a few activities but the arthritis is setting in.


Nick & Amanda said...

hahaha BRAVO! I loved it. Your so funny mama! Love you xoxo! ANd yeah the bike ride = killerzzz.

stephanie said...

so i still need 3 more people to run the wasatch back marathon with me! so you guys should do it!! it is in june, let me know if you guys want to do it!!!