Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do I Have To????

So I thought I better get one blog post in this month before it ends. I only have a few more hours. I think it's pretty good to get at least one post a month in. Amanda tells me that I am to blog weekly. UGH!! Who is ever going to read or care about what I have to say. But I will do it anyway. We've had a very busy December. For the past few years I have taken the girls to the Creche display in Midway and then shopping in Park City the first weekend of December and last year we said lets spend the night at the cabin. So we had a lot of fun at the cabin. We had "Fondue Friday" which is where you eat fondue on Friday night. It was sooo good and I do have to admit the chocolate was SLAMMIN'. I also had been thinking of a tradition that we could start and came up with studying a different country's Christmas celebration each year. We started with Denmark and made woven heart baskets to hang on the tree and did the rice pudding where you hide the almond and whoever gets it gets a prize. Well I'm used to instant rice where you put equal amounts of rice to water instead of long cooked rice so we had a very huge pan of dry rice. Oh well, by the time we evened it out, we were out of milk but it was still kind of tasty. Us girls talked and laughed until midnight and the boys??? I'm not quite sure where the boys were. I couldn't talk anyone into the Creche display so it was on to Park City. Not too many good buys so I saved a few dollars. When we got home Brian and I went with our friends Thomas' and Baggett's to the BYU Christmas concert. It was fantastic! I love the Christmas season for the spirit that comes with the music. OUr friends the Shook's had 2 extra tickets to THe Forgotten Carols so Brian and I went to that. I haven't seen it before and it was also spectacular. We even went to a live Nativity that our friend Will Thomas was a wiseman in and sang wonderfully. It was at Liberty Park and sounds like they might do it again next year. Christmas came so fast and it was also so much fun. I thought once the kids grew up, we would get more sleep on Christmas Eve and up later on Christmas. We went to bed at 2:15 and up at 5:12 (by my clock). We had a great day which included our traditional breakfast. Our kids decided that instead of exchanging gifts that we do a nice activity as a family. THis year we chose to go to Body Worlds. I had read on the internet that parking was kind of a pain and the roads were still really slushy from snow so we road trax. It was cold and believe me when a car drives by, you take cover so as to not be sprayed with a mud slurpee. We thought the display was pretty amazing and we all had a greater appreciation for our bodies. That lasted until we got out and said "where is the closest place to eat"? We ate at an italian place called Stoneground just across the street from the museum. It was very good. This blog is getting way too long and so I will cut off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!


Kim said...

YEA! I agree with Amanda you should updtate once a week! We love reading your updates!

Nick & Amanda said...

I care what you write about and have to say!! See, Kim knows what I am talking about!! Thanks for taking us to body worlds! We loved it and thanks for the yummy lunch too :)

andrea and heathe said...

hi kat! i love it when you update your blog! you guys do such fun activities as a family! i think the christmas from other countries is a fun idea...and fondue fridays--sounds so yummy! i love the forgotten carols; how exciting that you got to see them for the first time!
i want to send you an invite to our blog...if you'd like to read it. just email me (at andipandius@hotmail.com) your email address :)

Ariane said...

Hey Kat! I just had to tell you that I love hearing the updates on your family! We don't get together often so this is my only way to know what goes on in everyone's busy lives! I love you guys!