Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheap Therapy

I ran across these 2 pictures as I was rummaging through the scrapbook "stuff" and found these 2 pictures and they took me back....to the day when we had a bird in one of the window wells that couldn't fly. Now everyone that knows Tasha (the Beagle dog)knows that she is instinctively ready for the hunt. Shanna thought she would get a shovel and help the bird out while someone was to keep watch on the dog inside the house and NOT let her out. That someone turned for a brief moment as another human went out and the dog followed and ran directly to the shovel and in one quick snatch helped the bird out of it's misery. Alisha screamed and yelled at Tasha but of course it won't bring the nice birdy back. We had our discussion on the food chain with a bit of hunting instinct lesson so I figured we had everything understood. I had gone on with my day and was doing some cleaning in the bedroom when under the door these 2 pictures were slid by 2 very small hands. They tell the whole story.... and she went on to play.


Nick & Amanda said...

This is so funny! I was crying I was laughing so hard. You do know that you can post your pics in the same post as your writing right?

Melanie said...

so funny...so where are the pictures?